History of Taiwan (Anne Reinhardt)

Institution: Williams College

Discipline: History, (East) Asian Studies

Course code: ASST 413T(F)

Year offered: 2019

Syllabus is public here: Reinhardt (WLM) History of Taiwan, please fill out this form if you found this syllabus useful so that we get a count of readers



Colonial Taiwan (Bert M Scruggs)

Institution: University of California-Irvine

Discipline: (East) Asian Studies, Film & Media Studies

Course code: EA 110

Year offered: 2015, 2017

Syllabus is public upon request and notification of contributing professor.


Variable Topics in Culture and Society in Taiwan (Shu-mei Shih)

Institution: University of California- Los Angeles

Discipline: Chinese, (East) Asian Studies

Course code: C156

Year offered: 2016

Dr. Shih has not specify availability of this syllabus.